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 Men's cosmetics and makeup

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PostSubject: Men's cosmetics and makeup   Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:04 pm

I am wondering what is the general feeling on men and makeup. I am not talking about heavy goth stuff, just minor little changes, such as a hint of eyeliner, a little mascara maybe, face powders things like that. I have recently started getting my eyebrows done and it really made a big difference. I then started using moisturizers and eye creams, which it to has made a difference in the way I look. I started seeing the many websites on mens makeup and today I tried a little eyeliner an d went to the drug store and to eat. I bought the eyeliner and the girl at the counter didn't even give me a second look. While eating a couple of waitress came over and chatted but they too didn't seem like anything was different. So I am curious how amny guys are doing this and what has been their results. By the way I am straight and happily married so ther is nothing Gay going on here just curiousity?
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Men's cosmetics and makeup
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